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Character customization!


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I spent the past few hours working on Wild Souls, and I started (and mostly finished) character customization!


(Some of the colors came out a bit dull in the gif, but this was the best I could get it. You should have seen the first three I made...)

It doesn't lead to another page yet, it just loops in on itself. Once finished there will be a different button for "preview" and "submit". There will be more options too, like a name, gender, attributes, two more marking slots, etc. The claws and such will get colored eventually guys, don't worry!

Unfortunately, the value always goes back to the first in the array, rather than what you had selected. I tried for 30 minutes to fix that with javascript, but I couldn't get it.

In other news, Wild Souls will be closed alpha once it gets to a point where it's playable. The reason is because, unlike Foodbabs, Wild Souls requires a somewhat controlled environment where I can monitor things and make sure the AI are behaving properly; which is hard to do with a ton of people and tons of database entries. Eventually, a limited amount of users will be able to request alpha codes that they can use to register. Once registered, they can generate 2 alpha codes to give to friends. For every inactive user (IE: Users who don't log in for several weeks), one more space is available for someone to request a code.

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