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Seeking LOGO Artist


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Are you looking for a logo with art included in it (such as Flight Rising's logo that has a wing on both sides of the words), or are you just looking for your logo to have a unique font like Harry Potter's logo?




Are there any logos you have seen on other sites/projects that have the sort of look you're going for?

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Not sure on what I'm wanting. If it's something with imagery, I'd like it to be minimal. I'm hoping to find a good visioneer who can come up with something fitting for the game. That being said, some logos I like are:





There's others but idk. Too late at night to go looking for more right now. Basically anything that shows off the feel of the game is good for me.



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@Imperial Hmm that's cool, thanks! It did give me some ideas. I like the stone but idk if I want to go with something more organic(?) like wood or whatever. Kind of just playing around.


I really like Myth's logo (and your stone bg version sort of reminds of of that) but I'm still really indecisive. At this point idk if I even like the font I made . I guess I'm hoping for something more rpg like? It's hard to describe. OTL

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