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What Basic Feature Is Necessary Have For Pre-Alpha

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If you're thinking of inviting Julie to review your game, it sounds like you want something very complete and almost ready to launch. So it really depends on what you want from your game and what you want players to test! That way you can get a strong review from her.

Think about what you need in terms of Pets, Exploring, Quests, Social Features, etc and take another look at what games Julie has already tested and what sort of features they had already to really give an idea of what the game is about, and how that worked in their favor as she reviewed them.

The 1st of September is literally at the end of this week, so I'm not sure how much you can add/change until then. If you don't think you're ready, maybe have your Alpha and then wait until your Beta or when things are more polished before inviting a reviewer.

(I have no idea how much is going on with Kinderpets, so I'm not saying you aren't ready - I just don't know!)

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The pre-alpha stage is usually where features for the site are still being tested and decided on. You can read more about pre-alpha, alpha, beta, etc. here: Link

For a pre-alpha game, I would say a must have would be a way to adopt pets, some sort of item shop, and a way for users to communicate. After that, you can look and see what direction you want the site to go in and what features you want to add. The more features you add and bugs you fix, the more it becomes done enough for the alpha stage, beta stage, and final stage. Think of pre-alpha as a "presentation" or teaser for your game.

In my opinion, I would say not to stress too much over the pre-alpha launch, since pre-alpha games are usually always pretty bare-bones; unless you're trying to produce a full game before launch. To add a bit of perspective, Foodbabs has been in the alpha stage for about 2 years (first launching in October 2015), and I plan to head into the beta stage by the end of this year or early next year when I have enough features and the site looks more polished. I've usually spent my time adding a feature or two a month and maybe a few extra pets while spending the rest of the time keeping an eye out for bugs, glitches, and loopholes to make sure it runs well.

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