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Graveyards and Revival!


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After some delay, I have finished the graveyard and revival update!



The first thing I would like to mention are: Gems! This was a feature I mentioned long, long ago, but it's finally here! Gems act as premium currency for the site, and can only be obtained by converting your FoodDollars. I picked the current conversion rate based on how much money all of the users had, and most had less than $2000. The current conversion options are:

  • $1000 -> 1 Gem
  • $5000 -> 5 Gems
  • $10,000 -> 10 Gems

This page can be accessed from the bank.



Next is the graveyard. Once your pet's health reaches 0, they disappear from your pantry and move here.



(adorable placeholder kitten wow)

It is also now possible to purchase "Fairy Dust", which will revive your babs with 100% fullness, health, and mood. This shop can be accessed from the gem conversion page.


Here are some other minor things that were changed:

  • "Fairy Dust" is the only item that can be used on dead pets
  • Dead pets can be viewed from the graveyard, but you can't interact with them
  • Discord is now used for chat purposes, since it was kind of messy having two different chatboxes for the forum and main site.
    • Our discord chat is now embedded into both parts of the site using Titan Embeds, so no more keeping two tabs open for the forum chat and main chat! You will see the same messages.

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