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Thoughts on 3d pets?


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So, I have been playing with some 3D related code lately, and wondered what the interest in a pet site where the pets were actually animated 3d versus static images? Do you think they would add to the interest or not?

Here is what I have been playing with:

localhost 8080 index.html.png

Here is a video of the above, which shows magic markings (the purple).



Here is just a plain fox:



The nice thing about this medium is I can still change the colors dynamically for the pet, as the texture is loaded in separately.

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While that fox is terribly adorable, I do think it would take a lot of skill to make a 3D petsite work. Unless everything is done in the same (or close) 3D style, the game make look off-putting. I agree with @SilverBrick that the better option might be to do animated GIFs of 2D pets if movement was desired (something I'm working on right now!). The concept might work better as a 3D browser game rather than just a petsite.

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I think it could be cool depending on how it's implementing and well just a lot of different variables really.

That fox is really cute though and going 3D could give a lot of options overall. The 3D model could even just be used to then output 2D images, but with 3D you can make many different poses easy without having to redraw which could be really cool. But animation might be cool for some things, but that seems like a lot of work too, and it'd need to look good for people to really like it, plus not look out of place or feel out of place. It also might be hard or/and expensive to find an artist to do textures.

It also feels a bit of place to have the animations going, without having any noise. Atmosphere AND the fox itself.

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I'm actually currently learning Blender just to experiment with a somewhat similar idea. I think there is definitely a market for that kind of game (just look at the Facebook pet games), there just isn't yet a market for game devs in the virtual pet branch buying 3D art because all the current sites are in 2d and would need a complete re-coding to use a 3D asset. So that's a hurdle. But the 3D medium offer so many benefits, in the sheer creation process, that would really remove some of the current limitations on 2D pet games. Like file sizes being an issue for every single item in every single color, modifying a pets body type or expression without having to create a billion 2D images for various different bases, and easily adding new bases without re-creating all the customization art from scratch. I think there's definitely a future in 3D here, or at least 2.3D. 

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