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Forum Adoptables are LIVE!


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Forum Adoptables are LIVE


lizardlydragon2.png.d906588ab69b68f1e8c9ba51f073b52a.png and corgicoc2.png.a615313590e19333a26877991eca8204.png

Lizardly Dragon's and Corgicock's to the Adoptables
Much thanks to @Hare for her work on them, they turned out amazing!

First of all I wanted to thank each and everyone of you for your feedback and support during the development of it. Without your support, input, and encouragement this system would not be here today. So Thank You!

To get started, go buy your first Adoptable:

You will find the eggs for these two in the store. Once purchased (they are free, so I use the term purchased since you will still go through the process of checking out - but no personal information will be asked for free items) they will appear in your Profile under the Adoptables tab. Make sure to set your Egg to active to start giving it Power.

You will be able to rename your Adoptable on it's first evolution. Current ways to get power are through gaining reputation (2 points of power), and posting (1 point of power). These values may change over time, as well as other ways to gain Power (voting on polls, writing reviews, etc.)


Backdrops will be put in a little later, as I have to actually create some :P 

Reporting issues:

There is now a thread in the Forum Adoptables subforum for reporting bugs, or you can PM me directly if you stumble upon them. I am sure you will. I tried to test this out as much as possible, but its entire development fit into a week of vacation.

What's Next

We are just getting started, we have more Adoptables coming, more ways to get them outside of the Store, and more goodies to use with them. There will also be a lot of improvements coming to the system overall, such as notifications on when an Adoptable can evolve and much more.

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