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Pack names, random wolf generation and territory!


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I worked on wolf generation more and ended up with this:


(Me refreshing my "wolf generator" page)

The markings each get their own, random opacity and order to add more diversity. Also the Ivy base blends in with the den background, so lol.

The art still needs cleaning, but I've decided to save that for later and work on more of the code for now. If you've been following the trello board, you might have noticed that I added more cards for territories, biomes, ecosystems, and weather/natural disasters. I plan to work on all of these together since they depend on each other anyway. Here's what I'm going to be working on next:

  • Territories
    • The world will consist of several territories, divided into different biomes.
    • Each new pack will be generated with their own "territory block", which holds it's own supply of prey and resources.
      • Each territory block that exists in the same biome will be affected with the same events and disasters, at least to some extent. (IE: Every block in a coastal biome will be affected by a hurricane, but random blocks will be affected by lesser weather like rain.)
  • Ecosysten
    • Each territory has a dynamic amount of prey. Natural disasters, harsh weather, and hunting seasons can cause it to decline, resulting in more hunting parties returning empty-handed (or empty-pawed) and less food for the pack.

    • Prey is separated by animal, so it is possible for a territory to be completely out of rabbits, or completely out of deer.

    • In extreme cases, a pack may move to new lands with more abundant prey.

  • Weather/Natural Disasters

    • Rain

      • Harmless

      • Makes tracking more difficult

    • Snow

      • Cold. Don't lost pups in it!

      • Makes Tracking slightly easier

    • Severe Thunderstorm

      • Definitely not good hunting or scouting weather

      • Can produce floods

      • Small chance of producing wildfires

    • Blizzard

      • Definitely not good hunting or scouting weather

      • Extremely cold. Deadly pup weather!

    • Flood

      • Lots of water, don't drown!

    • Earthquake

      • Can cause cave-ins, rock slides, avalanches, and fallen trees

    • Hurricane

      • Great chance of producing floods

      • High winds can cause fallen trees and other destruction

    • Tornado

      • High winds can cause fallen trees and other destruction

    • Wildfire

      • Burns everything, no one is safe!

  • Biomes

    • Grassland

    • Chaparral

    • Taiga

    • Temperate Forest

    • Each biome is more susceptible to different types of weather than others

In other news, the names of the official four packs have been decided!

  • Windfall (Grassland)
  • Blackridge (Taiga)
  • Goldenrun (Chaparral)
  • Earthshire (Temperate Forest)

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