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Latest trends in pet sites?


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Unfortunately, I don't think enough sites have been opening to provide a current "trend".

I have been trying to follow the development of some petsites, but they are usually either so generic that they aren't interesting, or so complex that it takes too long to open and users (and creators) lose interest. 

I do see a lot of wolf sims though; that should create tons of competition. I think that is the only "trend" I have seen so far. But as of yet, I haven't see a petsite that has completely blown me away. That's not to say that I'm not optimistic for some to open, but those projects usually lose their headway and never open. 

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I haven't really seen any trends in adoptables/sim sites. They're pretty much stayed the same since the old childhood days of Neopets; which is how a lot of adoptables/sim sites got started, trying to mimick the neopets formula. Not that that's bad, mind you. It opened up to more creative ideas and concepts. I remember Foopets which was a 3D adoptables site, before it eventually became paid-membership only.

I noticed a couple of games that focus on realistic/semi-realistic genetics more recently, like Leporidae and Dynasty, but I don't think there have been enough for it to be called a "trend".

I've also noticed that a few adoptables/sim sites have a more semi-real/realistic style than the cartoony style that appeared to be a staple for pet sites. But again, I haven't seen enough of these sites for it to be a trend and it's possible that those sites have always existed, but I just didn't know about them (I know Howrse has been around for a long while), plus those cartoony sites tend to be geared towards children.

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I don't know of any trends really either.  As a player I always tend to not feel drawn towards cartoony neopets style sites and always picked up the unusual ones.  I currently play Khimeros, Flight Rising, and Ovipets on Facebook.  I love Khimeros because it's just different from everything else, and the art is gorgeous, and you can create an entirely customizable background for your pets almost like a habitat painting.  Flight Rising probably has the most fair cash shop I've ever seen, and again I like the art and was a fan of the artist long before Flight Rising came to be. I'd love it more if there wasn't so much clicking to get food and upkeep the dragons.  I love Ovipets for the Mendelian Genetics breeding, and also for the hex code color breeding which can reward you with pure color status on your pets.  It has the best breeding system of all pet games I've ever played.  I tried a lot of other games, but nothing kept my interest enough to keep me as a long term player.  I do log into ChickenSmoothie once a month to get my monthly adoptables, but I don't "play" there.

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