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Forum Adoptable Update 3/23


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Pre-Release Update

So we are on the eve of this thing getting rolled out, and I am getting excited, are you guys?

Most of today was on the admin cp, and permissions setup and such, so not much to show, but got a few goodies in line to show.


  • Adoptables can now be reported for bad content

    More of a moderation feature, if you run across anything awful on a pet's page, you can now report it to the moderators for review.

  • Pasting in a Pet's page url into the editor will embed a nice little box showing it off

    Some of you might have noticed when linking to another thread or topic here on the boards that you will get a nice little embedded blurb instead of just a link. Now that works for Adoptables too.



Those are what I have today, I know it is not much, but as I mentioned today has been a lot of clean up and backend work. I actually was able to get rid of an entire table that turned out to be completely useless and implement a much better route in my process of adding in some administration panel ui for the pet types. Good stuff.

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