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Taking Action instead of being inactive


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"The Difference Between Success And Failure Is The Ability To Take Action"
- Alexander Graham Bell


The above quote by Alexander Graham Bell describes the harmful effects of Procrastination.

Ask yourself the question "How far have I gone in achieving my targets for the year?" Your honest answer to this question will determine how you continue on your road map to achieving your goals for 2017.

Every one of us has the tendency to delay taking required action at one time or the other. Some people will continue postponing taking action until the issue at hand loses relevance. For some others, deferring taking action is a way of life.

Dangers Of Not Taking Action

A person that is used to postponing taking action on important tasks runs the risk of the following:

  • Missing great opportunities.
  • Unnecessary delays in taking action can lead to loss of huge opportunities that could make a lot of positive difference in someone's life.
  • Maybe, you have a great business idea but you kept postponing implementation. Some months/years later someone else implements the same idea with fantastic financial rewards.
  • Continuously failing to achieve set goals.
  • Procrastination is a thief of time. When you continue deferring to take action, you will fail to meet up with goals you set for yourself and your business.
  • Developing low self-esteem and loss of self-confidence.

When you continue delaying to take action, you start to lag behind in everything. As you see others achieving, you begin to lose confidence in yourself and your self-esteem which just adds to the cumulative effect.

Eventual collapse

We all thrive on the ability to juggle different tasks simultaneously, being proactive and taking action whenever necessary. Therefore anyone who indulges in procrastination will eventually destroy his/her ability to thrive and act quickly on tasks sooner than later.

So How Do You Overcome This Very Bad Habit?

If you want to succeed as a person who can take action, you must be able to take difficult and critical decisions without unnecessary delays.

  • Break down the Task into smaller bits until you're motivated to act.
  • Apply the Pareto principle. Devote more time and energy to the most important twenty percent of your daily activities.
  • Spend more time with action oriented people - achievers.
  • Seek out Influences in your niche/business sector and ask for advice.
  • Don't be overly emotional when taking decisions.
  • Ensure you have verifiable data at your disposal.
  • Be mindful of the consequences of your action.

Wrapping Up

If you look around you, you'll discover that most successful people don't procrastinate. Why?

This is because they have developed the required skills and enforced discipline to stay focused and take necessary action whenever the need arises.

You can only overcome this bad habit of procrastination by just starting to take actions, it is really a matter of getting up and doing. When you become action oriented, you overcome the problem and the momentum will propel you to greater heights of achievement and success.

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