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Adoptables Updates for 3/22


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So, here are the updates for today. But first:

I want to offer a great big thank you to @Hare, who has graciously offered to create 5 quick Adoptables for us for free, I can showcase (and I mean tease everyone) with two of them here today!

To tease you guys a little, I am just going to hint at the eggs in this post. Both eggs will be free come launch, so you will have to figure out what they become.

peta.png and petb.png

Now back to our scheduled updates:

As stated before, screenshots are from my local development machine, images are not final and were used for testing.


  • Power has a new look, a little orange lightening bolt across the site

    So, not really a huge change, but now where Power is referenced, it shows a little orange bolt icon to reference it.

  • New Item that allows customized backdrops to be uploaded

    Now have the ability to upload your own image when buying a backdrop. This will most likely be a premium item.

  • New Item that allows you upload a customized image of your pet

    Along with the customized backdrop, we now have an item that will allow you to upload a new pet image. This I hope will encourage custom pets to appear where their owners have decked them out. This will be a premium item for purchase.

  • Pets now have their own page, with their descriptions, and this allows your pets to be rated and shared

    Every pet now has their own page, that shows a larger (256x256) image of the pet, along with the description. Also on their page, you will find a range of buttons to share the page on popular social media, as well as rate the pets. This page will grow in features in time, as we can do much more with it.



What's next?

So, outside of some admin stuff, and general clean up, we are getting close to where I feel comfortable releasing it on this board. I am hoping you guys will be up to being my initial testers and beating it to death to iron out any issues I have missed. The goal is still to launch Friday.

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I like the premium options, because I can see those being features people may buy in the future when this forum gets bigger.


I guess my only comment, really, is will there be a way to hide the rating feature? I know not everyone likes that.


Oh, and by the way. Nice job, Hare. I like these eggs! And I'm curious to see what's inside them. :joy:

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20 minutes ago, SingSong said:

I guess my only comment, really, is will there be a way to hide the rating feature? I know not everyone likes that.

It is possible to add this as a setting - I will add to the suggestions thread to keep track of it. I can see where some users will like it, and others will not. Since I plan to expand the leaderboard with pet related information, pets who are not rated will not appear, which is okay if their owners choose not to be.

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