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(I'm not sure if this belongs here or in another board, so move it if it has to be)

I've actually got quite a few projects backed up that I've been working on for a long while, though none of them are finished. Adoptables/Sim sites are relatively new ground for me (Only 2 or so years in the field), but I've been into developing PC games for a long time.

Five Nights at the True Lab
My most active project besides FoodBabs. It's basically an undertale themed fnaf fangame that missed all the fnaf hype, lol. It isn't done, but I am working towards getting a playable demo together. It's being made using Unreal Engine 4, which is a total lifesaver for me when it comes to development. Mysidia-ized php code is somewhat easy to memorize, but I can't say the same for c++ and java. UE has "blueprints", which are basically a collection of nodes that you hook together that provides the same functionality as c++
Takes slight inspiration from Event[0], in which you're on an abandoned spaceship with only a super intelligent AI to talk to while you try to get home. The expected release date is rapidly approaching, so I'm really crunching on this one.

Beyond Dreams
Another UE4 project, though I haven't completely decided if I want to stick with the current name. It's a game centered around the dreams of the main character. The dreams act as levels, where you get a random one where you have to complete an objective. You might not get the same dream twice in a row whether you win or lose, and you can get a "sequal dream" if you win. I'm using my life as a "building block", so quite a few mechanics are taken from it. For instance, my eyesight isn't the best and I rarely wear glasses (though I have some) To see something clearly you have to actually look at it, and anything you're not paying attention to will be slightly out of focus. This can cause things to look unsettling in dimly lit or dark areas. Is that a monster or an oddly shaped pile of junk? Inspirations are from games like "Among the Sleep", which is a horror game based on how a toddler sees the world, and "Gone Home", which has absolutely no scary content and is literally just an average everyday 90's house as you wander though it to find out what happened while you were away. It's creepy at first, but later becomes a little relaxing. You're not timed and there is no rush for anything, just search around at your leisure.

Untitled pokemon game
This is using "pokemon essentials" for RPGMaker XP, which makes your games look like authentic pokemon games. There isn't much to say here yet though. I haven't decided on the plot or the pokemon, nor have I settled on how the main character should look, though I have started on the game itself. It's just a "playable concept" for now. It  won't use the pokemon name or monsters, since those games usually get a cease and desist if they get popular and Nintendo of America gets wind of it. (Like pokemon uranium or pixelmon)

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