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Muddy Boots: A Farm Sim

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Muddy Boots is a browser based farm simulation game in development.

In 2017 while taking care of my real life farm pets the idea of a farm sim came to mind. As the days passed I thought of more ideas for the game. It was a rather rainy day, and I was wearing warm waterproof boots, going on and taking care of my animals. Having a farm means taking care of your animals no matter the weather.  I decided to call my farm game "  Muddy Boots ".  🍀

Muddy Boots has a variety of farm animal species and breeds. Including:  Sheep, Ducks, Dogs, Alpacas, Donkeys, Horses and more.

Current Features coded into the game:

Players can create a farm and wear a tag / profile picture

Players can collect Clovers / the site currency

Rhinestones are the premium currency

Players can purchase animals

Animals can have offspring

Animals can be fed, watered, pet, and enter shows

Animal Rankings page that shows the top animals

Animals can be sorted into pastures

County Fair where players can show their best animals

Forum with many categories such as Art Sales, Advertising animals and more


Interesting features coded into the game:

Players can visit the restaurant in town to have a meal once a day / or as many times as they wish

Sounds play when the player clicks the buttons to feed, water, pet and enter shows for each animal

Varius sounds for different things

Weather and forecasts that changes each day

Players can customize where they " live " in the game. They can create a fictional address and a Post Office Box Number at the Post Office in town


Many more features are currently coded into the game. and more features are planned and / or are being worked on. 🐝


I have a discord server for Muddy Boots and the other games I'm working on as well an Instagram. I'll try to post updates here as well. 😊


Muddy Boots (@muddyboots.farmgame) • Instagram photos and videos






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