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Pocket Puma Pets: 2024 Premium Trial Event!

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March 29th thru April 1st marks this year's Premium Trial event! So far, we have had one of these each year since opening as a way to introduce users to our Premium account upgrade for a reduced price.


• For 1 TE or 300,000 PP, you can purchase a special 1 week Premium Trial item. By purchasing this item and then using it from your inventory, you can add 1 week of Premium access to your account. This is a great way to see if you are interested in further Premium time. We have had some requests for purchasing multiples (one to use, one to display in the Shadowbox for example). All users will be allowed to purchase up to four (4)!

• Feel free to give them as a gift or trade via our Item Transfer system. :) You should also be able to use the Gifting Stump for this purpose (when the stump is available for use). You may also sell them!

• The prices for Premium Idols are as follows and all items are available in the TE Items Shop:
1 Month = 5 TE
4 Month = 15 TE
8 Month = 25 TE
1 Year = 35 TE


Some of the great benefits of Premium are: a monthly Premium-only gift, an avatar on our forums, extra Energy, more game plays per day (example: 5 instead of 3), as well as interest on your bank account balance! There are more benefits, too, so take a look at our What is Premium? page for the full details! ( page being updated so might be incomplete)

Be sure to read all the information before you purchase. Only four (4) can be purchased per user. Collectors should feel free to purchase and display in their Shadowbox if they want!

(Previous year items are still usable, but are retired. Each Premium Trial item is unique to the year it was purchased in. :))

Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks very much for supporting P3! You guys and gals are the best!

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