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Pocket Puma Pets: Petites Supplies, Dragns & Campaign News!

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The Litterbox

A new shop selling petite supplies!

Inside you will find all sorts of pet supplies for your petite friends! Beds, brushes, food, toys, and more!


[ The Litterbox ]

Upcoming Campaign

To celebrate the year of the dragn, we have an upcoming campaign!

Starting April 1st you will be tasked with hatching dragns from your eyrie!

I advise you stock up on dragn food and egg grow potions ... you're gonna need'em! Plus there are lots of new dragns to obtain!


New Dragns?!

Yup, new dragns have appeared! And not just that, but new hatchlings and adolescents as well!
You can even hatch and equip the cute little babies..

I wonder how you get them?

New eggs too!


The Tinkerer was saying something about these eggs and crafting... hmm..

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