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Real-time Needs


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Needs Update

Real-time needs have finally been added to the site! Here's how it works every day:

  • Mood - 10
  • Fullness - 10
  • Trust + 5

I also patched some holes in the code that potentially could have led to pets being generated with 0% for all needs.

Other Changes

  • Renamed Edit my Account to User CP.
    • Renamed links in the User CP to be more straightforward
  • Fixed various links that led to the old URL
  • Fixed pantry spaces resetting your spaces to 10.
  • Fixed faulty code that made the bank act weird.


Before anyone's pets start dying (so in the very near future), these will be added:

  • A non-expandable graveyard where dead pets will be stored.
    • Non-expandable to prevent a surplus of unusable pets in the database
  • An expandable freezer where frozen pets will be stored. (Will come with a decent amount of spaces by default, but will cost way more than pantry expansions)
    • This change is due to the fact that people on vacation or with busy lives might come back to a bunch of dead pets. Frozen pets will have their needs frozen as well; just like how their experience is frozen.

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