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Developer Looking For Work (coder for Leporidae and 4dopt).

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Hello! My name is Hare, also known as Haywire or Eve. I'm the developer of Leporidae and 4dopt and am currently looking for work. I have 10+ years experience making custom games and other websites. I'm eager and easy to talk to, so please contact me if you have any need for a website!

Example websites:



For testing, you can login to either website with a guest account:
Username: Guest
Password: guest

Other things I've worked on:
- Rental management tools for adding/editing/removing tenants, plus keeping track of notes, housing number assignments, and payment statuses/payment history.
- Livestock management tools to track animals, shows, feed bills, breeding schedules, genetics calculators, and multi-generational pedigrees. 
- Recording/tracking products/inventory for physical goods.
- Account registrations, logins, and staff panels/staff accounts for both public and private use. 
- Online forums, chats, private messaging, and blogs.
- Search functionalities.
- Tutoring.

My skills:
- Javascript (including AJAX and jQuery)
- Photoshop and GD Library/Imagick with PHP (making image layering systems)
- Mac OS and remote Linux servers (Ubuntu)

If you're interest, let me know what you would like done and I can give a quote. I'm happy to answer any questions or further verify any information needed!


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