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Breeding Simulator, Events & RP Buffet!


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Events... These are what our lives are mostly made up of. Even if you are the realm's biggest couch potato, you'd be telling an obvious lie if you said you've never experienced an event... Heck, even to be reading this update right now, you've had to experience some type of event, whether that was becoming a permanent citizen or choosing the realm you wish to reside in or maaany other countless possibilities. But one thing is certain, if you are that couch potato that would dare to swear you've never experienced an event, your life is about to change... you will experience many events in the world of Cybura, so much to do, so many people to meet, and unexpected things to happen! More info below for you Mr./Mrs. Couch Potato:


(Click to see larger image)

1. Events are triggered when certain requirements are met.
2. Events hold stories and key information about Cybura.
3. Events are often interactive & can prompt you to make important decisions.
4. Once an event is triggered, you must complete the even until you see the "Finish" button, or else the event will not complete.

So... Are you starting to realize that you have indeed experienced an event before in your lifetime? I mean... even this is considered an event, wouldn't you say? Anyways, the next thing on the list of things I am paid by sponsors to tell you is that Prof. Osmond has released his Breeding Simulator, yup, the one we mentioned in the last update, and it's pretty neat! You should see for yourself! Submit your data to us by replying to this topic and get a nifty prize!

1. Select the parent species & customize them by changing colors and adding markings.


(Click to see larger image)

2. Click the "Simulate" button and view three of the possible offspring from the pairing.


(Click to see larger image)

3. Make sure you make a screenshot of the parents & your favorite offspring and reply to this discussion including the images to receive a prize!

4. You can access the Breeding Simulator here, and the official nav link will be up shortly.

Okay, last but certainly not least, the realms are hosting a buffet of some sort, but since it is too much information to post here, details can be found posted in The Arena. (Or by clicking the lovely image below!)


And that's all we have for you in this update folks, we'll see you next update! Enjoy & Have Fun! (Also, be sure to check out and support us via our fundraiser, especially since we may need to upgrade to a larger server for this contest.)

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