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IcePets.com: Wrapping Up

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Vote IcePets StampFluffy Dovu QuillPencil

The voting from the design a 4th aurora contests have been counted! Without further ago here is how everyone placed.


3rd place goes to @AceRabbit -- congratulations!

3rd place

3rd Place Prizes
- Bronze Contestant Trophy
- An Aurestal or Phantasmoire Snow Jar (randomly picked)
- 1 random Heart Breaker 2024 prize
- 75,000 IcePoints


2nd place goes to @Jahpan -- congratulations!

2nd place

2nd Place Prizes
- Silver Contestant Trophy
= An Aurestal or Phantasmoire Snow Jar (randomly picked)
- 1 random Heart Breaker 2024 prize
- 100,000 IcePoints

1st place goes to @MarkiArts -- congratulations!


1st place prizes

- Gold Contestant Trophy
- An Aurestal and Phantasmoire Snow Jar
- 1 random Heart Breaker 2024 prize
- 150,000 IcePoints


Hummus PlatterParty Quirkshake

Kicking off our final batch of User Requested items is the Hummus Platter and Party Quirkshake funded by @smallsamoyed and @Pixie respectively. These yummy treats can be located restocking in Affogato. They can also be found as a reward from the Candy Quest, but stock up because the Space Quest will be requesting them in a week's time!

All previous items with the name "Freakshake" have been adjusted to "Quirkshake".

Orbie TeapotMushroom Teapot

The brand new Orbie Teapot has made an appearance thanks to @jolly! What a lovely way to share some tea with a friend. The Mushroom Teapot has also received an updated look! The best kind of teapot for a picnic in the woods. These are for sale at the Toy Trunk if you get lucky on a restock. The Plushie Quest however will have plenty in stock to hand out as prizes, so why not give it a try. Like with the treats above though the Space Quest will also add the Orbie Teapot to its list of items needed in one week.

Full heartssweetielili!!!

Sweet Dreams

The most recent batch of Custom Avatars has been completed! Aren't these adorable? In order they are owned by @Cibola, @Quilladin, @tae, and @Void.

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