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Pocket Puma Pets: Maintenance Concluded


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Maintenance has ended earlier than expected, yay!

  • The lag issues should be resolved.

  • You may notice the default CSS layout is now Space theme when logging in, however it should change over to whatever theme you normally have selected once logged in.

  • The "remember me" option has been removed and ALL sessions now last 30 days. You may still log out manually any time, and you can now view and clear your sessions in the options page.

  • If you are getting logged out frequently, or have any log in issues, please report it to us!

  • Leo's Loot will now show a "NEW" rainbow text on the side bar when you have an item to collect.

  • Manually resetting a puma image has been removed, but visiting a puma will reset the image for you. Puma Decals should now automatically expire and reset the puma image as well.

  • The way we handle random events has changed slightly, if you notice anything weird please let us know as well.

  • A lot of large changes happened behind the scenes, and although we did a lot of testing, its possible we missed something! If P3 is behaving strangely, or you notice any errors, please post to the Bug Reports & Glitches forum.

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