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Wajas: Get to Know Staff - Faeora!


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Faeora Where does your username come from? It came from neopets looong long ago! My original account was atrociously named haha. So I went to make a second account that didn’t have any numbers in the username and actually based the name off of “Fyora”, Queen of the Faeries. “Faeora” stuck ever since! What are you passionate about on Wajas? Everything! I just love making up designs, breeding fun outcomes, making art, and interacting with the amazing community. 🙂 What do you collect? (On Wajas, irl, or both!)? I don’t think I go after anything specific on wajas - just pretty wajas and all the monthly items I can hoard! IRL I guess I collect merchandise from Borderlands - my fave franchise. Share one of your fondest memories related to Wajas. I’m not sure I have just one that stands out 🙂 It is nostalgic thinking back when I used to play- and ever since my re

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