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Artist Wanted! NPCs, items. Paid in USD


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Equus Nation is in need of some new art. Our current art style is:
Christmas Present
Horse Image

We need 100x100 px transparent pngs for the following items:

  • Apple
  • Carrots
  • Racing Bridle
  • Western Saddle

We need NPC art for a few human characters as well. I'm not sure what the cost of these would be that is fair. We're looking for at least 300x300 px transparent pngs...the price will dictate how big of an image I can afford.

  • Quest Master
  • Cowboy Chris
  • Benny the Bullet
  • Elegant Eloise

Payment will be made through PayPal. Please send me a message or reply here with some of your existing work and prices. Thank you very much!!

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