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The Grand Admiral Where does your username come from? Surprisingly, not from any obsession I…may or may not…have with a certain Star Wars character.  For as long as I’ve been on Wajas, I’ve always associated myself and my account with a face-character.  Not in any roleplaying capacity, but just to have a face to slap on my forum tag.  I’ve done a few swaps of identity and face-characters over the years.  Grand Admiral just happens to be the name of my current (and most likely permanent at this point) face-character.  Or title, to be more accurate (that weird dino-dragon thing’s name is actually Garial).  *pretend I inserted a complex sci-fi origin story here*       In all honesty, I didn’t anticipate players to start calling me Admiral at all.  I was under the mistaken belief at the time of my identity swap that players would ju

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