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There's more bunch of news!


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  • The explore system finally lanched! You can acquire 2 pets, 1 item and 10 to 50 Amethyst Dust at the moment. For exploring, you'll need to buy the necessary items for the exploration.
  • A small acade page lanched, along with 3 games. 2 you can play on the site (made with coding e.e) and 1 is downloadable.


That's how the arcade looks for now. Also...ARCADE MACHINES WOW

You can also earn some Amethyst Dust by playing High or Lower (hilo).

  • Now you can release pets to wild (AKA delete them permanently from account and site).
  • And the last one is...the site is slow for you? because for me it is sometimes. Hope that it's only my internet.



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