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Wajas: Get to Know Staff - Danny!


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//kingfauna (danny). Where does your username come from? The honest answer is I don't know!! I randomly came up with it in my early college days because I wanted change! What are you passionate about on Wajas? Dressups!! The right dressup can totally alter any design. They compliment designs so nicely and really make a waja feel complete. What do you collect? (On Wajas, irl, or both!)? On wajas, easy answer, like a few other folks I love collecting Plastic Wajas! IRL.... I err a little on the hoarder side... Lately it's firetrucks and diecast motorcycles for some reason. Normally, it's anime figures, acrylic charms, rare videogames, artbooks and various other collectibles... Share one of your fondest memories related to Wajas. A lot of my fondest memories come from when I was on the younger side, like back in highschool! So many of the friends I've made in highschool are still on Wajas to this day and I

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