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Wajas: Get to Know Staff - Averan!


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Averan Where does your username come from? Averan is actually the name of an OC I came up with in high school! It shares the same first letter as my real name so I used it as my username, and it stuck. What are you passionate about on Wajas? Fades!!! And collecting all the pretty wajas I can get my paws on. (Sorry, scavenger hunters.... 😅) I also love making designs and dressups, though I struggle with committing to either in my own cave. Oops!! What do you collect? (On Wajas, irl, or both!)? On Wajas? The aforementioned fades, pretty wajas - mainly gen 2s - and windstars. IRL I collect plushies! ....not the waja breed, but stuffed animals. ;p My partner and I keep joking that we're eventually going to need a whole room in our apartment for them... it's kind of true though. Share one of your fondest memories related to Wajas. I love the user-run contests and games on Wajas, like Pear-a-Saber a

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