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Wajas: Get to Know Staff - Bluee & Sadi


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Bluee (Busy) Where does your username come from? I used to roleplay on a Warrior Cats website, and when I made my account I wanted to use Bluefire, but that was already taken so my mom suggested adding an extra e. And then my friends would shorten it to Bluee when chatting outside of the roleplay. When it came to making a sona I modified my Warrior Cat character and shortened the name to just Bluee.   I also have a really long name (both my first name and the entire name >>) so I really like having a short handle online.  What are you passionate about on Wajas? Fades! What do you collect? (On Wajas, irl, or both!)? Wajas Items - Umm, everything? Haha. I like to say I let my hoarder side out on Wajas so it doesn’t come out as much IRL. Wajas - I like having LOTS of pretty custom pups for breedings fades ;) IRL - Flamingos, rocks, mountain themed things. Share one of your fondest mem

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