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IcePets.com: Amourok Begins!

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Today is a wonderful today, because it marks the start of Amourok! A time to win -- and a time to break -- hearts, it looks like our new friends have a thing or two to say...


"Ah!" Juniper says, beaming. "I'm grateful to see you have all come to your senses so quickly! Aurestal is clearly the best holiday -- we do live in Terrafrost, not Terraghost, after all -- and it just makes sense to spread the love during Amourok."


"That doesn't make sense," Mars scoffs. "It's called Terrafrost because of all the ice, not your obnoxious holiday. Which is not even obnoxious in a fun way! Mint everything, bows and glitter one cannot escape -- no no, Phantasmoire is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best holiday."

Empty Heart Fragment 1Empty Heart Fragment 3Empty Heart Fragment 4Empty Heart Fragment 2

It seems like Amourok will be especially festive this year, with yet another Clash of Colours! Hop on over to the signup page to see if you'll be spreading Aurestal cheer or Phantasmoire frights while you search for Empty Heart Fragments!

These Fragments can be found stocking in NPC shops (excluding the Snow Jar Igloo, Port Rakor, and I.C.E Antiques), as well as from Heart Breaker and quest rewards -- and, if you're lucky, you'll find a Full Heart instead!

Full Jolly HeartFull Haunted Heart

Once you've gathered all four Empty Heart Fragments, make sure to bring them to your team leader in order to transform them into a Full Jolly Heart or a Full Haunted Heart. The more Hearts you bring, the more points for your team!

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