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What... did you hear that right? Mythodreas will be releasing their first Familiar feature Saturday, at 9pm EST? You did hear right! Saturday, 9pm EST, the first Familiar story will be released and accessible by Beta and Guides for the next phase of debugging. This story will include choosing an alignment and receiving your first Familiar.

This release will not be available to regular users until further notice. All familiars and items received from this feature will be removed and reset once it is determined that the feature is bug free.

Soon we will not be accepting anymore Beta Testers. If you're interested then apply at http://mythodreas.com/employmentBeta.php

Mythodreas is a 100% free, fun-filled, Ageless oriented community with tons of things to do, games to play, and places to explore. Choose from a wide variety of species and begin your journey today!
Tell them Kyrhayo says she's thirsty....being in the hot desert is just dehydrating.
Mythodreas Administration
Acanthus Sage Dragon - Quest GiverKyrhayo - Quest Giver
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