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CelestialEquine: New server is live!

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New server is live!

Good afternoon, CE players!

I am thrilled to announce our migration was successful! This server migration has solved our disk space issues and will also enhance our speed. The server upgrade was a long overdue task and I am so appreciative of everyone’s patience! Please be aware there will still be some slow areas of the site. Eve is hard at work untangling a mess of old/low quality code. Upon completed of these fixes, you should see additional speed improvement!

Server Migration
It is my understanding that a handful of players lost data in the move due. This can happen if changes were made too close to the migration time. However, we do have the ability to replace lost coins and gems. Any other lost data such as horses and items will have to be handled on an individual basis - but please do not hesitate to reach out with your own specific situation. These conversations should be initiated via Discord for the fastest response with the following form -

Player Name:
Player ID:
List of items missing (coins, gems, etc):

PLEASE,  please fill out the form completely to minimize the back and forth between players and staff. Fixes such as these are done by hand and are very time consuming if we do not get clear, concise information.

Development update previews
Lastly, here are some fun previews of updates Evi is working on regarding our user interface. Who else is excited for a mobile friendly CE?



Thank you for reading!


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