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Pocket Puma Pets: Golden Tickets and other updates!

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Mysterious golden tickets are appearing...

Just like the rainbow version, these new golden tickets will be part of raffles in the future!

Golden Raffle Tickets are obtained by completing dragn related activities.

  • When removing an Adult Dragn from the Eyrie you will now be awarded two extra items:

    • Dragn Egg Shell
    • Golden Raffle Ticket

  • While playing Dragn's Hoard you will now also encounter Golden Raffle Tickets


Crafting Update

  • The recipe for Charcoal now specifically asks for Scrap Wood, so you don't have to keep selecting the item. :')


New Ventures & Skills

  • Two new skills have arrived: Lore, and Scholarship!

    • Lore: Knowledge of the world, history, customs and traditions. A useful skill for identification and appraisal.
    • Scholarship: Studying and learning for the sake of expanding knowledge.

  • Three new ventures to embark upon!

    • Visit a Haunted Library - Find strange books, candle friends, and other haunted goodies!
    • Host a Bonfire Party - Turn that scrap wood into charcoal and maybe find a fiery friend or enviro while you're at it!
    • Go Spelunking - Careful, you never know what might turn up..


Emerald Orb Raffle

In case you missed the notice... a new raffle has begun!


It asks for Rainbow Raffle Tickets, and the prizes include emerald themed TE items from the past, and even an emerald orb!

Complete quests to earn Rainbow Raffle Tickets!



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