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Pocket Puma Pets: New Evo, Markings, and other news!

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Evolution & Marking Release

A new koi/catfish themed evolution. Aquatic fishy whiskers! :D Thank you Yam McYam!
  • Namazu Whiskers


Markings by yours truly, to add some sparkle and shine to your pumas!
  • Asteria

  • Glint


These markings and evolution are available in the demos, splatter, morpholixer, and orb cavern, as normal releases.

Some samples..


Crafting Update

- A small "clear" button has been added for quickly resetting the current recipe


Trials of the Loot Labyrinth Updates


Warrior base stats have been adjusted:
- Defense has been updated to 95 from 85
- MaxHP to 95 from 85

Warrior starting abilities have had their PP increased
- Scratch to 90 from 80
- Pounce to 90 from 80
- Bite to 90 from 80

We have more quality of life/balance updates on our to-do list, but these new systems are complex and take time to find good solutions for. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and look forward to your feedback!


Just one day left to enter the raffles for these cute crow petites!


Good luck to all participants!

:) That's all for now, enjoy!

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