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Wajas: About the Generous Donor Trophy

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After reading Crimson's suggestion post I started looking into the Generous Breeder trophy, the one you get for donating certain wajas to the Waja Park. Thus began a deep dive into the Wajas Wiki, the park donation code, and the code that awards the trophy. I quickly realized that none of us really understood that trophy and how it works. This post will hopefully set the record straight and clear up the mystery around the Generous Breeder trophy. The first thing I discovered was a waja's generation has no effect on whether or not it counted towards the trophy. The only thing it seemed to consider was whether or not the waja had been donated to the park before; the first time the waja is donated to the park it counts towards the trophy, after that it does not. Considering that the trophy was named Generous Breeder, I wonder if the intent was to count wajas that you bred and donated to the park, but that's just a speculation. Certainly those wajas qualify but so do other any other wa

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