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CelestialEquine: January releases now live - new genes and companio

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January releases now live - new genes and companio

Good afternoon, CE players!

January releases are now live! This release update includes new genes, companions, and spotlight packages. Keep reading for previews and more information.

First up, our Butterfly Burst gene! This beautiful gene has been released as a body marking and comes in 13 variants. For those of you interested in collecting, the entire series is available in the cash shop as a Spotlight package. This package will be available January through the month of Feb.

In addition to being available as a spotlight package, a handful of variants are available individually in the cash shop and magic shop in varying stocking cycles. Lastly, the following alliances have variants of the butterfly burst body marking

- Paravale
- Iazinata
- Fleoqispe
- Cacearun

Next up, we have four new companions now available in the Companion forest.

Skoowk - Owl type companion
Ukeek - Mouse type companion
Qeen - Winged feline type companion
Uason - Dragon type companion

Check out the preview below to view the 4 new companions!


Lastly, the new Sekhmet locks are stocked individually in the cash shop along with the spotlight package option. These locks will be available through the month of January.


Be on the lookout for more new releases and thank you for reading!


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