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Taurus PlushGemini PlushSagitarrius Plush

If your plushie collection was starting to feel a little scarce, or perhaps you just need a new friend to cuddle up to then @Kamisheru14 and @tae are your new friends! Kamisheru14 has funded the stunning Taurus Plush, Gemini Plush, Sagitarrius Plush, Pisces Plush and Virgo Plush! Although these new plushies are quite adorable, Tae wanted to share how cute our insect friends can be as well with the Hisser Plush! It is OK to admit you find this plush to be adorable as well.

Pisces PlushVirgo PlushHisser Plush

All of these fluffy pals can be found restocking at Plushie Palace and as rewards from the Book Quest thanks to a shipment Patches and Penelope preordered. Keep in mind that in one week Samuel will be asking for these when you visit for a Plushie Quest. It is advised to stock up on some in advance if you like doing quests!


What's better than settling down with a cup of tea and a good book? How about a weekend full of Questing? From today until Sunday, January 7th at 23:59:59 IcePets Time, the Book Quest will be doubled! In other words, you'll have twice as many questing opportunities all weekend -- and double the prizes, too! If you're not familiar with the Book Quest or just need some help shopping, Penelope recommends reading the Book Quest Request List before you begin.

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