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Pocket Puma Pets: Ventures


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Ventures are here! The last of our big updates for 2023...

Lets dive into it!


You and your pumas can now go on Ventures!


This activity is a way to gather items, new and old, over time.

You can prospect for minerals, cook up some food, explore the loot labyrinth, and more!


Each Venture is a contract and it takes 2 things!

1. A poster puma
2. A helper puma

You cannot help on your own ventures, so you will need the community to send their pumas on your ventures!

In turn, you will need to send your pumas to help others.


Ventures have a cost to post, and many take Bean Bux! A new currency used just for ventures.

You can pick up some starter Bux over at Leo's Loot!


Every venture you help with will award a payment and some skill experience!

Level up your skills to go on more rewarding ventures for better loot!


Ventures, like our other new features, are a permanent new addition that will receive updates over time.

More skills and ventures will be added, and we will be balancing and tweaking the feature based on your feedback!

Let us know your thoughts in the news comments!


Got a cool idea for ventures, or other things on P3? Leave a post over on Ideas & Suggestions & Points of Interest

Encounter a bug or glitch? Report it on Bug Reports & Glitches

Just wanna talk about the new stuff? Join us on Discord or drop a message into General Chat

You can read a full guide on Ventures here:

[ Ventures - Getting Started & FAQ ]

And more information on Venture skills here:

[ Ventures - Skills Information ]

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