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Gift Tree

Happy Aurestal, everyone! Put on your cosy socks and grab some coffee (or tea), because it's time to open presents!

(Don't want to open them just yet? No worries! You have until the end of November in 2024 to grab them.)

We hope you are all having a lovely holiday!


The Auroras are also about to leave for the year, but they wanted to thank you all for helping spread some Aurestral cheer! They are no longer handing out tasks or AP, but their shop will remain open until December 31st, 23:59:59 IcePets Time. It now also includes all of the Advent Calendar Items from this year.


Don't leave just yet! Ever since the Talityl Lakes incident, there has been a growing interest in the behavior of Companions -- and no one has been more interested than Serene!

c248a555e3b9cfb99c50cce764daf6fd.pngArrivedUnique Arrivals

Keep MovingCompanion Champion

Pawtastic Sanctuary Enthusiast 1Vulcanic Sanctuary Enthusiast 1Blobbing Sanctuary Enthusiast 1

It is excited to introduce you all to the brand new Serene Sanctuary, a safe haven for Companions of all shapes and sizes. Be they injured, lost, or just threatening to take over your home... Serene will take them! In return, you get the satisfaction of knowing you helped ensure the well-being of a Companion (and perhaps some trophies and Avatars).

(Please note that Companions given to Serene cannot be retrieved, so be careful!)

Bronze Sanctuary Monthly TrophySilver Sanctuary Monthly TrophyGold Sanctuary Monthly Trophy

Speaking of trophies -- Every Month those who provide Serene with the most companions can receive a trophy as a thank you! This resets every month, so if you don't make it on at first, you can keep trying!

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