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Wajas: Bulky Gifts And A More Inclusive Tree


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Update Dec 14: All gifts are now sent using the new Bulky Gift code. To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Wajas Gifting Tree, we've added some cool new features. Bulky Gifts First off, gifts can now contain up to five different items! You are no longer limited to a single item, making it easier to gift a breeding pair, or bundles of things that just go together. You can still send a single item if you want, or two different items, or a couple items and some WC. Or go all out and a shiny CWP! We call this new feature Bulky Gifts. When you gift someone, you will see a new notice at the top offering to send them a Bulky Gift; clicking that link brings you to the new Gifting page. The new Bulk Gifting page uses the Inventory Picker, making it easier to choose items on mobile and with large inventories. Choose the item you want to send, enter a quantity, then click ADD ITEM. The item will appear on the left. Now we can choose another item from our inventory

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