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Pocket Puma Pets: Crafting, Salvaging, & Gathering!


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More new features!

Today we have Crafting, Salvaging, Gathering and other quests, and even a new shop!

There is a lot to cover, but I will try to keep it to the point. Lets dive in!



  • Crafting is a way to create new items.

  • You input up to 4 items, and if your recipe is successful, gain something new!

  • Successful recipes are learned forever, so you can always craft them again with ease.

  • If your recipe is incorrect, your items might be consumed unless you purchase the Experimental Insurance for 5,000pp.

  • Crafting only allows you to input valid crafting items, so if an item isn't used in a recipe, it simply wont show up. This is to protect your items that aren't meant to be crafted with!

[ Click here for Crafting ]



  • Some items have been added to salvage pools where you might reclaim scrap from them.

  • Items up for salvage may not always give scrap, but scrap is a useful material to have for crafting.

  • Your special TE items will never be part of the salvage system-- they are safe!

[ Click here for Salvaging ]


flowering_field_quest_thumb.png glowing_grotto_quest_thumb.png coral_cove_quest_thumb.png pyroclastic_plains_quest_thumb.png

  • Gathering is done via quests, but these quests are repeatable all day long if you wish.

  • The Flowering Field and Babbling Brook have a 5 minute timeout when you successfully complete them. All other gathering quests have no limits!

  • There are 8 gathering areas in total, divided into 4 focused on foraging, and 4 focused on mining.

  • Each area requires a more complicated to obtain/craft item, and progress in difficulty through 4 stages.

[ Click here for Gathering ]

More New Quests!


  • There are 3 new quests focused on using the new materials!

  • These new quests will help teach you recipes if you pay attention to what they have to say when you are successful!

  1. Gourmet Cooking

    • Asks for crafted gourmet foods
    • Gives pence and hints for cooking recipes.
    • 10 Plays per day (15 for premium)

  2. The Tinkerer

    • Asks for gathered materials
    • Gives pence and hints for various crafting recipes.
    • 10 Plays per day (15 for premium)

  3. Alchemy Research Lab

    • Asks for crafted alchemy materials and related ingredients
    • Gives pence and hints for various alchemical recipes.
    • 10 Plays per day (15 for premium)

[ Click here for Crafting Quests ]

New Shop


  • Whisker sells some very important crafting materials!

  • Some of these materials are special "Crafting Tools" that wont ever be consumed while crafting. Some examples are the Basic Cookware Kit, Novice Alembic, Frame Loom, and any other that says [ Crafting Tool ] in the description!

  • Others, such as the blueprints, are consumed while crafting and you will want to stock up!

  • Note that he also sells the Foraging Basket and Mining Pans needed to get started with gathering. :)

[ Click here for Whisker's Workshop ]

More Info

A guide has been prepared!

[ Crafting, Salvaging, & Gathering Basics ]

Though you may find it .. incomplete.. ;)

Users are encouraged to discuss and help each other freely! If you want to keep a recipe secret, go ahead! But if you want to share your discoveries, that would be wonderful!

If you are having issues or can't find what you're looking for, try posting in the Help & Questions forum!

Or join us on Discord over in #crafting-and-gathering.

If you find a bug or have other technical issues, give a report over in Bug Reports & Glitches

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