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IcePets.com: More Plushies to Snuggle!


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Looking for some exciting Aurestal gift ideas? Look no further! These fresh new Items are hot off the press and ready to be placed under the Aurestal Tree (or in your collections, if you'd like to keep them for yourselves!)

Crystal Audril Plushie

First up is the Crystal Audril Plushie, funded by @AceRabbit. It's a sparkly, cuddly gift that's as cute as can be! Pick one up at the Plushie Palace or get one as a reward from the Book Quest. We suggest buying a couple of extras in case the Plushie Quest asks for one next week, too.

Aries Plush Aquarius Plush
Libra Plush Cancer Plush Leo Plush

We'd also like to introduce five new Plushies funded by @Kamisheru14! The Aries Plush, Aquarius Plush, Libra Plush, Cancer Plush, and Leo Plush are a group of snuggly friends that'll put some huge smiles on your Pets' faces! You can buy them at the Plushie Palace or receive them after completing a Book Quest. Bear in mind that the Plushie Quest will also add them to their request list next week!


Looks like Samuel needs a hand building up his Plushie collection! From today until Sunday, December 10th at 23:59:59 IcePets Time, the Plushie Quest will be doubled! That means you'll get twice as many questing opportunities and twice as many prizes. If you're not familiar with this Quest or just need some help preparing, we recommend picking up a Plushie Quest Request List before you start.

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