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Pocket Puma Pets: December 2023 TE Items


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So sorry for the delay.\n\nDECEMBER??????? Already?? Wasn't it JUST New Years 2023? I thought... I must have blinked, it went by SO FAST. Here we are staring down the barrel of yet another year. 2024 on the horizon. Can that be right? wow.. \nWinterfest will be here before we know it. The holidays and New years. We hope everyone's 2024 is kind to you and to your loved ones. We all can use some extra TLC in our lives..\n\n\nlava_dragn_icon.pngsinister_raven_icon.png\n\n• Ancient Lava Dragn [3TE]\nWake The Ancients!\n\nClick for a sample\nClick here \n\n\n• Sinister Raven [3TE]\nQuoth what now?? \n\nClick for a sample\nClick here \n\nThank you Higgs for the TE items this month!\n\n=========================\n\nTO THE WAYBACK MACHINE!\n\n\nBrrr, it's cold out there! December TE Items have arrived. :) Check out these opposing elf sets from Jamie!\n\n\ndark_elf_chest.pnglight_elf_chest.png\n\n\nDark Elf Chest [ 5 TE ]\n\nThis package contains the entire Dark Elf set: Dark Elf Armor, Dark Elf Headpiece, and Dark Elf Wings.\n\nCLICK FOR SAMPLE!\n\n\n\nLight Elf Chest [ 5 TE ]\n\nThis package contains the entire Light Elf set: Light Elf Headpiece and Light Elf Wings.\n\nCLICK FOR SAMPLE!\n\n\n\nBoth are now available in the TE Items Shop, as well as our Item Demo if you'd like to see them on your puma. \n\nRemember, the Premium Monthly item is available for 5TE if you want one or two. \n\npremium_december_2023.png\n\n\nYou can find all on sale now in the TE Items Shop

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