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CelestialEquine: November Updates - Development and more!


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November Updates - Development and more!

Good afternoon, CE players!

I hope you all had a fantastic spooky season! As we gear up for some fun winter releases, I am so thrilled to share some exciting new updates coming your way.

Over the last month and a half, Eve has been hard at work cleaning up CE’s user interface. This includes removing outdated/buggy code, resolving weird mobile views, and more. This task is extremely tedious but the results will be so worth it! Our goal is to allow for CE to be more mobile friendly for a more enjoyable experience on the go. This process will seem slow moving on the live side as we comb through each individual page and test functionality before pushing any changes.

Snapshot of pending changes

- Improved shop stocking
- All pagination errors resolved
- Improved mobile views
- Improved loading time
- Corrected text
- Ability to hide/collapse shouts
- Fixed overlapping features on mobile view
- Fixed beauty contests on mobile
- Horse void bug resolved
- Added stud cost to a horse’s page.
- Added ability to change the stud cost even when a horse is on cool-down.
- Breeding Status longer says ‘Error!’ or ‘Success!’ at the start of the alert to avoid confusion; instead just says ‘Breeding Status’.
- If you are the horse owner, ‘This horse is eligible for breeding, but the owner has not enabled public breeding. Message this player to negotiate!’ has been changed to ‘This horse is okay to breed. You can put them up for public breeding by setting a breeding cost below’ to make it less confusing.
- The button to submit the breed form now shows either as ‘Breed’ if you’re the owner, or ‘Send Request’ if you aren’t.
- Fixed the twin/colt/filly plushie text showing up as white against the grey background (and centered it), and same for the ‘None’ text if no breed requests are found. Fixed formatting and spacing errors for both.

Once the messy style sheets are removed, future updates to interface will be very quick! We will resume expansions to horse breeding and other feature tweaks once our interface overhaul is complete. While I do not have an exact timeline for this, we are thinking most of these changes can be pushed by the end of December. The listed changes are complete but we need to ensure our style changes do not cause other features to break. Thank you all for being so patient - the wait will be worth it!

In other news, we have numerous new gene releases slated for December 1! Be on the lookout for a new update at that time.

For those of you familiar with the Celestial Equine Etsy shop, we have new spooky enamel pins and other goodies freshly stocked! Check them out here.


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