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Lumizard: an upcoming dragon browser game!


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Hello everyone,

some of you may know me from my horse browser game "Morning Dust Ranch". I now would like to introduce you to my second game "Lumizard". 
Driven to make something completely different than my first game I started laying out the features of a dragon game years ago. I finally had time to put some work into it and got an artist on board. The coding status is about 80% and we are currently running a Kickstarter Campaign to help with the funds we need for all the legal aspects and also to hire a second artist, as the game is very art-heavy.
If you are interested in dragons and browser games with exploring, battling, breeding and customization you might want to check out Lumizard.

We have a Discord Server where I post sneak peeks and a Tumblr where I already talked about gameplay and also showed off some of the art. Our website has a dragon previewer where you can have a look at our four breeds (+ babies) and all the basic colors we offer. 

What you can expect from the game:
- We currently have planned for 7 elements, with art done for 4 of them (fire, water, earth, wind)
- Dragons have art for the egg, baby and adult stages
- Exploring, battling, breeding for color and/or stats, customization
- Each element has its own advantages and disadvantages in battles and also special items and crafting recipes they can find
- The theme of the world in Lumizard is "bioluminescence"
- Individual rollovers, so no need to log in daily
- Breeding for stats is not based on grinding but on the genetics of the dragons

Find out more on our channels

Kickstarter Campaign
Lumizard Website

I would be very grateful if you'd like to support our Kickstarter Campaign and/or spread the word. 

Thank you and kind regards,









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