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Pocket Puma Pets: The Danse Macabre has begun!


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Happy Danse Macabre!


All the pumas and petites are putting on their costumes and attending the Danse!

Visit user profiles each hour to collect goodies!

All you have to do is knock on the door..



We also have a campaign!

Each profile click will contribute to the new campaign.

[ Attend the Danse Macabre ]


New Trunks & Shop!

Last, but not least, we have some wonderful new Trunks this year!
Additionally all of the trunks (new and old!) have been moved to a new shop.


[ Something Wicked ]

You will find the old trunks there for 7TE!

Plus our new Trunks for 5TE!

• Vintage Masquerade Elephant Costume Trunk
• Vintage Masquerade Hedgehog Costume Trunk
• Vintage Masquerade Zebra Costume Trunk


Click for the Vintage Elephant Sample
Click for the Vintage Hedgehog Sample
Click for the Vintage Zebra Sample

Also a reminder that we still have a Buy 5 Get 5 sale on Tiger Eyes right now!
[ Buy TE ]

Sorry for the delay everyone, I hope you enjoy the Danse Macabre!

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