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52 minutes ago, LuciBeingLuci said:

I think the site will stays the same, but i'll move it to a new domain because MysidiaHost isn't working that much anymore.
And i also think you'll need to register again.

I actually found a good hosting, called InfinityFree and it supports Mysidia! So i'm actually making Pixeons and later i'll move Enchanted Soul in there. 
Also if you're looking for a hosting that works fine (for people which can't access their site due to timeouts), i suggest that you should use InfinityFree.



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@LuciBeingLuci: Another alternative would be digital ocean if your site requires ruby. I don't know about mysidia support on digital ocean, but ruby and php are supported though. It does require money though, it is pretty cheap for a server though.

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