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Sharp Present

As you peruse the shops of Terrafrost, you may come across something truly ghastly. Don't be alarmed, however; that's none other than the new Sharp Present! This ominous package can be found in all NPC Shops (save for the Snow Jar Igloo and Port Rakor). It contains one of five brand new Phantasmoire-themed Items, so if you're a collector, you'll want to get your hands on one ASAP! (Just watch out for the rusty spikes.)

Tales From The Graveyard Battle Shovel Empty Grave Stamp

Time to dust off your shovels, because Grave Digger is back! For those who aren't familiar, this spine-chilling game returns to Terrafrost every Phantasmoire season. Simply click on a grave to dig it up, and you'll have a chance of winning a prize! A new game starts every 30 minutes, and ends when someone comes across a Sharp Present. There's also five new consolation prizes being given out, as well as many old favourites making a return, so start digging as soon as you can. The game will be running until October 31st, 23:59:59 IcePets Time.

Sinister Apron Bat Plush Candy Corn Cupcake Pumpkin Ice cube

We hope you've picked up the latest batch of Items at the Token Booth, because we're swapping them out one last time. The Bat Plush, Candy Corn Cupcake, and Pumpkin Ice Cube have returned to the Token Booth this week. The new Sinister Apron will be available as well! It's perfect to wear when cooking for your upcoming Phantasmoire celebration.

If you've racked up a few Haunting Trophies over the years, good news -- they've received an upgrade! To trigger this upgrade, simply stock some food on your porch, and it will get the trophy based on retroactive counts. Easy as pumpkin pie!

Frozen Musical Notes

Finally, we'd like to remind all of you about the Spooky Song-Writing Contest. If you think it's too late to enter, think again! Submit your song to @Ines by October 20th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time.

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