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Who do you follow on YouTube?


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What YouTube channels (or video topics) do you regularly watch, either for educational or entertainment purposes? I know I for one follow @kami's videos. I tend to not follow actual channels normally, but instead use YouTube to learn or watch things that pass time (like timelapses).

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Aw thanks x'D Hope you enjoy my videos, haha.

I tend to follow a WIDE variety of YT channels, which makes sense since I don't own a TV so YT is essentially my television. Comedy/Entertainment channels (jacksfilms, Cinemassacre, Simply Nailogical, lots of art channels), news (Philip DeFranco, Colbert), educational (Sci Show, Wise Crack, Kati Morton, Garden Answer), etc.

In fact, I really need to clean out my subscriptions x'D I'm subbed to over 400 channels @_@ Haha.

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