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Pocket Puma Pets: OOAK Raffle Information


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We currently have a really awesome OOAK raffle up!

[ Danse OOAKs Raffle ]

Tickets are just 1,000 PP each!

You may buy as many tickets as you like!

Each puma is considered a different prize, meaning it IS possible to win all three prizes.

Check out the pumas in the raffle above, or by clicking their portraits below!


So what is a OOAK?

OOAK is a "One Of A Kind" puma.

These special pumas have a cosmetic coat applied that layers over the top of their normal coat.
(The OOAK cosmetic coat does NOT breed to the kittens!)

They have been an infrequent feature on the site for many years now, but I am hoping to get more circulating soon!

What will happen if someone DOES win all three OOAKs?

Aside from many congratulations being in order, that is entirely up to the winner.

The drawing is completely automated and the pumas will be sent directly to whomever wins them.

Once they are in the care of the winner, the winner can do whatever they like with the pumas.
Keep them, sell them, trade them, etc.

Please remember during these exciting times that P3 does not tolerate begging or harassing players, I expect everyone to be on their best behavior!

More OOAKs are coming!

Like I said above, I would love to get more of these fancy pumas in circulation!

There are even more OOAK pumas on the way, and there will be more opportunities to get your paws on these special pumas soon!

So if none of your tickets are lucky winners.. don't fret!
More opportunities are on the way...

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