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Atrocity: Big update 2- Trading cards, fights and things oh my!


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Hello my darlings!!!!
I have A big update for you!
Before we start make sure you go to Kristhasirah's profile and leave her a thank you! Without her this wouldnt have been done.

First off!
Trading cards!
There are a bunch of new trading cards on site! the hub is in Exploration->trading cards

Once you get tehre you'll meet Reynaldo! and under him is the list of different options! You can find more detailed info here

THere are Card fights against a computer, card fights against Users (through their profile)

You cannot fight your own card- and boosters cant be used at this time. Fighting with certain rarity cards will get you higher rarity.So if you fight common you can possibly get uncommons for example OR: uncommons->rare Rare->ultra rare pieces Ultra rare-> more pieces

I added nearly 200 cards

Booster- 24 cards
Common- 35 cards
Uncommon-53 cards
Rare- 55 cards
Ultra rare- 11 cards

You then trade in the Ultra rare pieces to get UR cards- which are special drawings that have to do with character and site lore.
You can Also go to the Trading card binder and See what cards you own or still need!

if you have the card the image appears- if not you see the card back, hovering gives you the name and if you own it.
. and you can change card types by clicking on the options/card types at the bottom.

You can also now fight another users Pet through the user profile!

The comedy club (exploration->comedy club) is now open! thanks to Cheba The Smol Bee for the idea, and the items you can win!!! What you do is go here and try to help your favepet make a joke using the dropdowns to captivate the audience! if you manage to make them laugh you get a prize! Hope you enjoy it! Bee put alotta work into it!

Other things we did--

--Added Chamomile plant to grow, seeds, flower and ability to forage it in the forest and meadow have been added as well as the recipe for chamomile salve

--added encyclopedia info for pet sicknesses, pet traveling, and breeding.

--Redid the bakeneneko shrine maps to be PHP pages, fixed the Popups (thanks to Micolai ) and added a new npc at the shrine.

--fixed the cemetary trail where it wasnt working for people who had fought a monster- the brackets were in the wrong spot

lol... also hopefully fixed the fight monster cron.

--fixed the fight monster cron, and added in Kagerous mail/some prizes

--Edited the Avatar area of the forum so you can no longer upload your own avatar, and notices that you have to use the atrocity one and a link to how to get the info.

--I added this discord channel to the main page of the site (above news) so people can see the mini news cuz its important for keeping track of things.

--added a new area of the discord- Atrocity forum threads and posts... so now when people post on the forum we get notified... this way maybe we can use the forum a bit more often

cuz its kinda dead there- and so maybe important things wont be missed either as Im always updating the forum with information.

--CKEditor now exists when you write a message to a user- as well as atrocity themed smilies

Thats all for this one! Till next time my loves!!



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