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Does anyone else hear the howling of a Phantasmoire Wulfer? It almost sounds a bit musical, doesn't it? For this year's Phantasmoire contest, we're challenging everyone to write a spine-chilling song that'll be stuck in our heads for years to come. So if you've been hoping to show off your songwriting skills, now's your chance to shine!

Music  Stamp Phantasmoire Wulfer Ice Cube Writer's Block

Your song does not need to take place in Terrafrost, but it must be appropriate for the site. Scary content is allowed, of course -- just keep it PG-13! And as much as we'd love to hear an hour-long Phantasmoire-themed musical, we'd prefer if your song was 100 words or less.

Halloween Header

Before you get out your instruments and music sheets, be sure to read over these contest guidelines:

Rule 1 - One entry per User.
Rule 2 - Work must be entirely your own.
Rule 3 - Feel free to get creative! You can use existing IcePets concepts or create your own, but it must fit the spooky theme.
Rule 4 - Your submission cannot be something that already exists on the site. This includes - and is not limited to - Book content, item descriptions, news posts, or other written content.
Rule 5 - Your submission cannot be identical to other existing works or ideas outside of IcePets; you may make references with your story, but it cannot be a direct copy.
Rule 6 - The story must be kept PG-13. For example, you may include mild violence, but not descriptive gore or brutality, etc. All entries submitted must be considered appropriate under the Terms and Conditions of IcePets.
Rule 7 - Keep your entries private and please don't share with other Users!
Rule 8 - Staff reserve the right to dismiss a submission if it is hard to view or appears no work was involved.
Rule 9 - Your entry must be uploaded and sent to @Ines by October 20th, 23:59:59 IcePets time.
Rule 10 - All entries must be 100 words or less.

Gold Contestant Trophy Silver Contestant Trophy Bronze Contestant Trophy

As always, there are lots of great prizes to be won. Here's what the winners can expect:

First Place: A Gold Contestant Trophy, a Golden Competitor Stamp, a Pet Ghost Costume Item of your choice, a Phantasmoire Snow Jar, a copy of the new book upon release, and 200,000 IcePoints.
Second Place: A Silver Contestant Trophy, a random Pet Ghost Costume, a Phantasmoire Snow Jar, a copy of the new book upon release, and 175,000 IcePoints.
Third Place: A Bronze Contestant Trophy, a random Pet Ghost Costume, a Phantasmoire Snow Jar, a copy of the new book upon release, and 100,000 IcePoints.

Full Haunting Treat Bag

In addition, all participants will also receive a Full Haunting Treat Bag! So if you needed some incentive to take part, you can expect some tasty goodies regardless of whether or not your song wins.

The contest will be ending on October 20th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time, so get writing soon -- we wouldn't want you to miss out!

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